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Solve the Mystery and Escape the Room

The Real Escape Experience

Get locked in a themed room. Find clues and solve puzzles. Escape within the alloted time!
Channel your inner detective! Our mystery escape rooms are filled with clever puzzles that require logic, skill and team work to solve. All the puzzles in our escape rooms are driven by the narrative of the story. Our mystery game rooms are perfect for families, friends, tourists, corporate teams and virtually anyone else!

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Professor X's Lab


Can you find the Ultimate Chemical Weapon and Escape?

Professor X was working on a controversial Chemical Weapon for the army. He sent out a message saying "It's ready, come and get it" before going into hiding.
You've intercepted the message and have arrived at the lab with your team. Can you find the chemical weapon and escape before the armed forces arrive?

Difficulty 4.5/5

Time Limit - 60 Mins

Success Rate - 16%



Can you break out of jail before the warden gets back?

You and your team were wrongly arrested for a crime you didn't commit. Only the janitor believes you're innocent. He cleverly left some clues to aid you in your escape. The warden will be back soon. Your team has been split into two separate jail cells. Can you coordinate with them and escape?

Difficulty - 4/5

Time Limit - 60 Mins

Success Rate - 28%

Sherlock's Last Case


Can you solve the one case Sherlock himself couldn't?

John Watson was found dead at 221B Baker Street. Sherlock has been taken into custody as the prime suspect. Unfortunately, because of his excessive drug use, his mind wouldn't function normally and he couldn't argue against the initial evidence. The court case begins soon. It is up to your team to find evidence of his innocence for the lawyer and clear his name.

Difficulty 5/5

Time Limit - 75 Mins

Success Rate - 12%


The Last Ride


Escape the Crashing Plane!

You're on the way back from a top-secret mission. The plane suddenly starts losing altitude and the pilot isn't responding from the cockpit.  Something's gone terribly wrong! The plane's going to crash!
Can you figure out how to survive?!

Treasure Hunt


Find the Pirate's Treasure

You've been tracking a legendary pirate ship for months! It has finally docked on an uncharted island. The crew has left the ship unguarded. Now's your chance to find the plunder aboard! 

Can you find the plunder and escape before the crew returns?

Prasads Imax

Difficulty 3/5

Time Limit - 30 Mins

Success Rate - 35%

Difficulty 4/5

Time Limit - 60 Mins

Success Rate - 20%

Phone Booth

phoone booth_edited.jpg

Escape the Phonebooth

You've entered a phonebooth after a night out with your friends. Suddenly, the door slams shut and you get trapped inside. You get a call from an unknown person saying you have 30 mins to escape the phonebooth or you get shot! Can you escape in time?!

Difficulty 3/5

Time Limit - 30 Mins

Success Rate - 45%

Zombie Escape

Zombie Photo.jpg

Zombie Escape

A deadly virus has caused people in your town to turn into zombies! You've fled into a nearby forest and come across an abandoned cabin. The zombies are approaching! Can you contact the rescue team and escape before the zombies get to you?

Difficulty 5/5

Time Limit - 60 Mins

Success Rate - 18%

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