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  • What is Escape Time?
    Escape Time is an escape room game, where players are 'trapped' inside a mystery room for an hour. They have to use logic, teamwork and immense brainpower to solve the puzzles to escape the room.
  • Is it safe to play Escape Rooms?
    It is completely safe to play escape rooms for most people. We have had children as young as 3 years old playing at our rooms. However, if you have any underlying medical issues or are pregnant, then it is best if you consult a doctor before playing
  • How many people can play an Escape Room at once?
    Depending on the room, around 2-9 people can play one escape room at a time. At our Escape Rooms in Secunderabad, we recommend at least 4 people to play together
  • What if I need help during the game?
    Our gamemasters are always watching the game through the CCTVs and can hear you clearly. If you need a hint, you can ask for one at any time and we will send some help your way.
  • What if I don't finish the room in time?
    If you can't finish the room in time, then you have to spend the rest of your life inside the room, hoping and praying for someone to find you. We collect your will before the game just in case. Kidding! After your time runs out, our staff member will enter the room and escort you out.

If you need help with anything else, feel free to CONTACT US

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